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How to Create a Google Plus Account

Google+Google Plus is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. Get started on Google Plus with this quick video on how to create a Google Plus account!
Click on the image below to watch the video


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Email Marketing Crushes Social Media in Generating Sales

Take a look at this graph! No business can expect to be taken seriously if it’s not on Facebook or Twitter, and yet EMAIL MARKETING IS CRUSHING Twitter & Facebook for Selling Stuff Online!

The solution?

Become a person or business of influence on social media and use it to build your database.

From there, you can email your list regularly with valuable content and offers. This is one way we can help businesses generate more leads and sales. So if you know someone who says “Social media doesn’t work” or they have a Facebook Page for their business and don’t know what to do with it, send them our way!

Contact Us for More Information

power of building an email database & list

Read the full article here.


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The Cost of Social Media

by Rachel Haviland

Social media has become a huge phenomenon – the biggest since the creation of the internet. 100s of millions of people take part every day around the world. And it wasn’t long before businesses, large and small became involved.

How about your business?

When companies like Dell, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon invest a large portion of their marketing budget into a process, you can be sure that there is opportunity there and money to made. These companies can choose to put their marketing dollars wherever they think best – they choose Business Social Media.

Now is the time to take advantage of this no cost – or low cost, if you decide to use professional help – local and global business opportunity.

– Attract new customers
– Connect with business partners and associates
– Attract your ideal client to connect with you
– Stop making the cold calls that you hate

How much is business social media costing you? How much is your time worth?


The costs of NOT having a presence on social media sites far outweighs the cost of your investment. It is predicted that those businesses who are not using social media will be OUT of business within 5 years. Are you willing to risk everything? Social Media does require an investment – your time. So how much would using social media cost you?

You have an hourly rate that you earn in your business. (Don’t know what it is? You need to know that figure!). Multiply that by 1 hour per day invested in building your business through social media, 5 days per week, 4 weeks per month:

Let’s say your hourly rate is $25

$25 x 5 days x 4 weeks = $500 per month
You could afford to hire us to do your Social Media management at the Silver level package – and SAVE $200 on what it would cost you to do it yourself!

What if your hourly rate is $50?
$50 x 5 days x 4 weeks = $1000
Hire us at the Elite level package and save $200 each and every month on what it would cost you to do it yourself!

Or $100 per hour?
$100 x 5 days x 4 weeks = $2000
Hire us at the Celebrity level package and save $500 on what it would cost you to do it yourself!

If your hourly rate is $100 or more, there is no question that you should have a Social Media Manager. If not, you’re just throwing money away and time that could be better spent elsewhere in your business.

Social Media Management is more affordable than you think. More affordable than paying an employee to do the work. Let the professionals help you – and save you money. Call us today at 813-767-9290 to find out how we can customize a package to suit your needs.

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How to Search Facebook

By Rachel Haviland

With the abundance of information on Facebook, sometimes it’s hard to find the particular post you are looking for, especially if it’s a post you saw before and want to find again!  Facebook Pages and Groups are a great resource for information on a topic, but how do you navigate all the posts to find the information you need?


How to Search on Facebook Groups
The easiest way to search a Group for information is the Search box.  Facebook Groups have a built in Search box in the top right corner:



Facebook Freshmen – Join the group to get more fans to your Facebook Page!


To search for a conversation around particular subject or topic in a Facebook Group, simply type the search term in the box at the top and click on the “magnifying glass” icon to the right of the search term you typed in.  All the posts containing the search term will then appear for you to explore.


Remember also that Facebook Groups have uploaded Docs listed on the right side of the Group page – you might find useful information there too!


How to Search Facebook Pages

Of course you can explore the menu on the left side of the page to view Photos (and videos); Notes (longer posts by Page) and Discussions, plus any extra tabs the Page has, such as Reviews, imported blog posts, YouTube videos, Twitter stream etc.


Unfortunately Facebook Pages don’t have the Search box that appears in Facebook Groups, so there is no direct way to search a Facebook Page for content on a particular topic.  However, there is an indirect way to search your favorite Facebook Page for posts through Google.


To find status updates and posts on a topic, go to and type in the following:

site:http://(link to Facebook page) “search term you are looking for”


Sample Search:  The Social Networker Daily

For example, here’s a search on my Facebook Page ( for the name of my daily Social Media publication “The Social Networker Daily”:


In Google I typed in:

site: “The Social Networker Daily”


Here are the results:



Read The Social Networker Daily for up to date Social Media news


From here you can click on the links to view the posts related to your search term.


To stay up to date on the latest Social Media News, subscribe to The Social Networker Daily!  Click HERE to visit the online version and subscribe now.



Click here to become a fan on Facebook!

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Taco Bell Uses QR Codes in Their Marketing

The fast food chain, Taco Bell, has recently made its sodas and burritos interactive with clever use of QR codes.

Taco Bell uses QR codes

The fast food chain began adding the codes to its packaging late last month thanks to a deal with Scanbuy. When activated, the codes — available on a large fountain drink or a Big Box Remixed order — unlock exclusive footage related to Taco Bell’s sponsorship of MTV‘s Video Music Awards.

The content includes videos from musicians chosen by MTV. One new artist will be added every week until the program concludes September 4. Consumers who don’t have a QR code reader app can access the content by going to

Taco Bell appears to be one of the first players in the fast food category to experiment with QR codes. McDonald’s ran a program in Japan that let consumers access nutritional information using the codes. According to a survey from comScore released last week, 14 million people in the U.S. scanned QR codes in June.


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Update to “A Valuable Lesson in Networking” blog post

Networking social mediaBack in April, I posted comments about how to effectively network online and offline and gave a real life example of what not to do.  Last night, at a local multi-chamber mixer, you’ll never guess what happened!  I had to post an update….


(If you haven’t seen the post I’m talking about Click here)

My previous blog commented on a networker that I met at our chamber and the mistakes that people make when networking.

Well, last night, who should appear at the mixer but the very same person I blogged about before.  Let’s call her “Kate”. I’m sure you can imagine what happened next.

Now, let me remind you, I originally met Kate 8 months ago….has she learned anything new?


Getting to Know People

Networking online and in person is all about developing relationships and building on those relationships before attempting to turn the conversation towards doing business with you.

Last night, I was part of a closed group of 4 people, getting to know each other and having a great conversation when Kate marches up and interrupted the conversation (not a good start).  She pushed into the group and proceeded to hand out her cards and tell us about the product she was promoting, without even introducing herself.

Before I knew it, she was gone, on to her next conquest.  She didn’t even recognize me, despite having met me twice before and my face being in the local newspaper every month as President of our local chamber.  She didn’t ask any of us what we did or ask for business cards so she could follow up, it was all about her and what she could do for us.

So I have to wonder how her business is going.


Being an entrepreneur means growing as a person

After all these months, you would think she would have learned something.  But not everyone realizes the power of self-development and how important continuous learning is when you are en entrepreneur.  It’s rare to see me without a book or two close by and I’m continuously working on improving myself.  I don’t know everything and never will, but at least I can learn something daily to help improve my business in some way.


Effective Networking = More Business Revenue

I highly suspect that the past 8 months have not been productive for Kate and yet she has not changed her approach.  I’m sure she’s met hundreds of people – but never taken the time to develop a relationship with any of them.  I doubt she’s heard back from many people that she gave her card to, since her approach is so unfriendly and downright rude.  And Kate has no way to follow up with anyone she met because she has never once asked for any business cards.  As a result, she is the classic example of a network marketer who never makes any money.  But the same principles apply whether you are marketing online or offline; have a brick and mortar business, network marketing, direct sales or home based business.  Networking is all about the people you meet (not you) and the relationships you develop, including the initial contact and thereafter.

As you go about networking online and attending parties this holiday season, remember these lessons and you’ll go into 2011 with new and stronger relationships that may potentially help you build your business.


P.S.  Want to know what happened next….

Later in the evening, Kate came up to another group I was in, interrupted my conversation with a potential client (a big no-no if you want me to like you), asked me if we’d met before (only 4 times now Kate) and handed me her card yet again.  


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Don’t Make This Fatal Social Media Mistake!

By Rachel Haviland

Social Media Relationships

Build Social Media Relationships

Social Media is more than just making friends and adding followers.  Accumulating friends just for the sake of numbers is like working the room at a networking group simply to collect business cards but not actually talking to anyone or getting to know them.

So in the last blog post we talked about making a good impression when you are meeting people online or introducing yourself with the goal of developing an online relationship.  Now you know how to make friends on Facebook and reach out to new connections but do you make one of the most common mistakes that networkers make online?

So many people send me a friend request and I never hear from them again.  No message, no wall post, no interaction.  Nothing!

Why did they even ask me to be friends in the first place?

Herein lies the next lesson that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the crowd.  When someone has accepted you as a friend or you have accepted someone else’s request, take some time to interact and actually get to know them a little better.

How can I get to know people on Facebook?

Here are the best tools to connect with people:

1.  Facebook chat – if you see that your new friend is online, start a chat and find out how they are and what they do

2.  Private message – send them a message to say hi and introduce yourself

(Not a sales pitch!!!!! Seriously).

3.  Post a welcome message on their wall (or even a welcome video if you are more advanced).

4.  Newsfeed – watch their status updates and comment, interact or “Like” their updates as appropriate.

Common Questions:  How do I send someone a private message on Facebook?

Can anyone else see it? Click on link under your friend’s photo to open a dialog box and send them a private message.  No-one else can see this message except you and the person you are sending it to.

These are just some of the ways you can interact with your new friends and get to know them.  This is a critical part of the relationship.  With just a little effort, you can help them to remember you.  Otherwise you will fade into the background along with 100’s of other Facebook friends and that would just be a waste of your time and effort.

How else do you interact with new friends on Facebook?  Post your tips below.  Let’s learn from each other!

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How Do I Connect Twitter & Facebook?

I consistently get questions from readers looking for information on how they can link Twitter to Facebook. It can be confusing! You can connect Twitter to post to Facebook; connect Your Facebook Page to post your Page Status Updates to Twitter and even select which Tweets appear on Facebook! Here are the links you need:

Twitter to Facebook

Twitter’s official page on how to add Twitter to Facebook.


Link Your Twitter Feed into your Facebook Page
Add your Twitter Feed as a link on your Facebook Page with Involver
This is a great way for your fans to connect with your tweets as well!


Here is the most popular Twitter Facebook Application

Selective Tweets Facebook app
Selective Tweets allows you to update your Facebook status from Twitter and you can choose which tweets you want – just end a tweet with #fb when you want to post it as your Facebook status – simple!

Facebook to Twitter

Facebook blog post discussing Publishing to Twitter from Facebook Pages


Connect Your Facebook Page to Twitter
You can also connect your Facebook Page to post directly to your Twitter account. I highly recommend that you connect your Facebook Page to automatically post your status updates to Twitter. My Twitter following just builds itself from these tweets alone!
Click here to manage your connections if you are logged into Facebook.

To stay up to date on Social Media news, join us at

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How To Manage Spam

As many of you know, my pet peeve with online marketing and social media, is the SPAM factor. You should have seen some of the spam ‘comments’ that were left on my blog that I just had to trawl through and delete – they were just trying to get a backlink from my blog to their website. (Note: Make sure you have the Akismet plugin locked and loaded to prevent these spam comments from posting to your wall! It’s very effective.)


When you’re online, you can guarantee that at some point, someone will try to spam you. Whether it’s your email box receiving unwanted emails, a sales pitch in your Facebook messages (sign up for the latest pre-launch business…) or even spam comments on your wall, it will happen to you at some point, probably already has and will continue to happen as long as there are marketers out there with poor marketing skills. I’m on a mission to convert them into great marketers (and I need your help to spread the word) but until then, here are some tips that I have had to use today to manage spam online:

– If the spammer is a ‘friend’, courteously (yes, I said courteously) thank senders of spam and sales pitch emails/messages for their message and politely tell them why you are not interested. If it’s someone you don’t know or who is not even a social media friend of yours, remind them that it’s etiquette in social media to connect with you first and see if there is a need for what they offer, before sending you a sales pitch…hence the ‘social’ part of social media….

– Use a separate email address for all your online registrations and your social media accounts. If that address happens to get into the wrong hands and be the victim of spam, at least it’s quarantined in one account that is separate from your main email account.

– Protect your blog by activating the Akismet plugin. Most WordPress themes have Akismet pre-loaded but if not, add the plugin yourself. This will pick up most spam type comments and allow you to audit them before approving. Be sure to check if they added a website link to the comment and delete that link before posting any vaguely good comments from those considered to be spam. I approve a “spam” comment if they are posting something related to my blog and it’s intelligently written, but I’ll usually delete the backlink unless it seems like a website my readers might be interested in.

– Protect your reputation! Spam is often posted on your Facebook page wall, with the spammers posting a link to something they are selling and hoping to take advantage of the traffic you have to your page. How rude right? I recommend leaving your Page wall open so that fans can post and interact with you but regularly monitor your wall for any sales pitches and delete them by moving your mouse to the right of the comment and clicking on the ‘x’ that appears.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of spam tips, just some that I had to use today. I’d like to hear from you! How else do you manage spam online?
For more social media tips, come on over and ‘Like’ us at The Social Networker on Facebook!

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