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Don’t Make This Fatal Social Media Mistake!

By Rachel Haviland

Social Media Relationships

Build Social Media Relationships

Social Media is more than just making friends and adding followers.  Accumulating friends just for the sake of numbers is like working the room at a networking group simply to collect business cards but not actually talking to anyone or getting to know them.

So in the last blog post we talked about making a good impression when you are meeting people online or introducing yourself with the goal of developing an online relationship.  Now you know how to make friends on Facebook and reach out to new connections but do you make one of the most common mistakes that networkers make online?

So many people send me a friend request and I never hear from them again.  No message, no wall post, no interaction.  Nothing!

Why did they even ask me to be friends in the first place?

Herein lies the next lesson that will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the crowd.  When someone has accepted you as a friend or you have accepted someone else’s request, take some time to interact and actually get to know them a little better.

How can I get to know people on Facebook?

Here are the best tools to connect with people:

1.  Facebook chat – if you see that your new friend is online, start a chat and find out how they are and what they do

2.  Private message – send them a message to say hi and introduce yourself

(Not a sales pitch!!!!! Seriously).

3.  Post a welcome message on their wall (or even a welcome video if you are more advanced).

4.  Newsfeed – watch their status updates and comment, interact or “Like” their updates as appropriate.

Common Questions:  How do I send someone a private message on Facebook?

Can anyone else see it? Click on link under your friend’s photo to open a dialog box and send them a private message.  No-one else can see this message except you and the person you are sending it to.

These are just some of the ways you can interact with your new friends and get to know them.  This is a critical part of the relationship.  With just a little effort, you can help them to remember you.  Otherwise you will fade into the background along with 100’s of other Facebook friends and that would just be a waste of your time and effort.

How else do you interact with new friends on Facebook?  Post your tips below.  Let’s learn from each other!

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How To Manage Spam

As many of you know, my pet peeve with online marketing and social media, is the SPAM factor. You should have seen some of the spam ‘comments’ that were left on my blog that I just had to trawl through and delete – they were just trying to get a backlink from my blog to their website. (Note: Make sure you have the Akismet plugin locked and loaded to prevent these spam comments from posting to your wall! It’s very effective.)


When you’re online, you can guarantee that at some point, someone will try to spam you. Whether it’s your email box receiving unwanted emails, a sales pitch in your Facebook messages (sign up for the latest pre-launch business…) or even spam comments on your wall, it will happen to you at some point, probably already has and will continue to happen as long as there are marketers out there with poor marketing skills. I’m on a mission to convert them into great marketers (and I need your help to spread the word) but until then, here are some tips that I have had to use today to manage spam online:

– If the spammer is a ‘friend’, courteously (yes, I said courteously) thank senders of spam and sales pitch emails/messages for their message and politely tell them why you are not interested. If it’s someone you don’t know or who is not even a social media friend of yours, remind them that it’s etiquette in social media to connect with you first and see if there is a need for what they offer, before sending you a sales pitch…hence the ‘social’ part of social media….

– Use a separate email address for all your online registrations and your social media accounts. If that address happens to get into the wrong hands and be the victim of spam, at least it’s quarantined in one account that is separate from your main email account.

– Protect your blog by activating the Akismet plugin. Most WordPress themes have Akismet pre-loaded but if not, add the plugin yourself. This will pick up most spam type comments and allow you to audit them before approving. Be sure to check if they added a website link to the comment and delete that link before posting any vaguely good comments from those considered to be spam. I approve a “spam” comment if they are posting something related to my blog and it’s intelligently written, but I’ll usually delete the backlink unless it seems like a website my readers might be interested in.

– Protect your reputation! Spam is often posted on your Facebook page wall, with the spammers posting a link to something they are selling and hoping to take advantage of the traffic you have to your page. How rude right? I recommend leaving your Page wall open so that fans can post and interact with you but regularly monitor your wall for any sales pitches and delete them by moving your mouse to the right of the comment and clicking on the ‘x’ that appears.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of spam tips, just some that I had to use today. I’d like to hear from you! How else do you manage spam online?
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Are You Using Social Media Offline?

Take a leaf out of the Big Boy’s book and combine your online social media marketing with your offline marketing.

Social media doesn’t have to be – and shouldn’t be – separate from your traditional, offline marketing efforts. When you combine the two, you achieve synergistic results!

— n , pl -gies
1. Also called: synergism: the potential ability of individual parts to be more successful or productive when merged together

i.e. More bang for your buck! And isn’t that what we all want?

Food for thought: Here’s a photo I took of the Carnival Cruiselines ad on my TV. Top companies are using TV ads to send their Facebook page – not their website. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Add your social media profile links to business cards, brochures, flyers and even TV ads and watch your social media marketing explode!

Let’s Get Social!

Rachel Haviland
Social Influence Consultant

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Leveraging Social Media to Position Yourself as an Expert [INFOGRAPHIC]

Zintro put together the following infographic to help you understand how you can better position yourself as an Expert using the top social media tools – take a look at the infographic and if you find it useful please share it via the share icons below!

How to position yourself as an expert using social media

View the original blog post HERE or click on the infographic.

How have you positioned yourself as an expert?  Comment below:

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The New Google +1 Button

Google +1 Buttons on websites
Google +1 ButtonGoogle’s new recommendation system, similar to the “Like” button on Facebook, launches on June 1, 2011. The Google +1 button provides a way for website visitors to endorse and share an article or web page. According to Search Engine Land, the buttons will be available in seven different shapes and sizes with and without counters. Publishers can create one of these +1 buttons from a simple form where they can generate the embed code. The button comes with a suite of analytics that look similar to the Google Analytics dashboard.

When you +1 something, your name becomes associated with that link “in search, on ads, and across the web,” according to Google, providing social proof in the form of a personal recommendation.

Google +1 Buttons in Search Results
Starting June 1, 2011, users who opt into the “+1 button experiment” in Google Labs (and soon everyone else) will start seeing a +1 icon next to each link in Google search results.

Once Google +1 buttons appear in Google search, you will need a Google profile to click the button – great news for Google, allowing them to expand the personal and demographic data on their users. This will improve targeting for Google ads and pay per click – pushing beyond just keywords and browsing data. Not only that, but users will also be able to +1 ad, which essentially adds a “recommended by friends” component to AdWords and AdSense.

Google +1 Likes will act as “Social recommendation engine” driving traffic between friends – these recommendations count for a lot when it comes to people making buying decisions.

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