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Learn more about Pinterest in this

“Very Pinteresting” infographic!

Pinteresting Infographic

Pinteresting Infographic


Learn how to use #Pinterest to promote your business?

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Pinteresting facts:  Pinterest is currently still dominated by women, with female users accounting for 68% of all users on Pinterest.  Most of these are between the ages of 25 and 34 and 50% have kids.  This is the ideal social media platform to use if your target market demographic is within this range and gender!  However, don’t discard Pinterest if your target market is mainly men – they are quickly catching on and signing up in droves.

Drive Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterestingly enough, drives more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube combined!  Many brands and companies are using Pinterest to connect with their customers and to share their culture, products and services.


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5 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Convert Visitors Into Customers

For many, the idea of spending money on building a website only to have it not produce the kind of sales they were hoping can be a very troubling and aggravating experience. This article will provide you several reasons as to why you may not be currently making sales on your website.

There are many different aspects of building a website and having it make money is about more than just the basic web design. There are issues of marketing, usability and sales funnel aspects that all go into a money making website.

Reason #1: Usability

Websites must be accessible to users in a way that is friendly, straightforward and leads the user to take action in a way that the business owner wants them to. For example, a usability issue might be the fact that some of the “purchase now” buttons are not as easily noticeable as they should be. In order to get a good idea of some usability factors, take a look at some of the larger websites on the web or even some of your competitors. If you find it extremely easy to make a purchase on these sites, find out why.

Reason #2: Slow Upload Time

Now that broadband Internet is common in almost every household across the Western world, people are used to websites that load fast. If your website is too bulky or it requires too much time to upload, you will find that many users will quickly leave your site.

There are many technical tricks that you can use to increase the speed of your site. One of the easiest ways is to simply remove any unnecessary elements of your website. Your website should be a simple, straightforward and easy to use place for users to visit. Too many pictures, too many videos and even too much text can bog down your server and create websites that are confusing and take too long to load.

Reason #3: Unclear Intentions

When your user first enters your site, whether it is through a blog post or through the home page of your site, they need to know immediately what your site is about. Beyond that even, they need to know exactly what they should do on your website. If you have a website that is about plumbers, yet the first page they enter is all about small business management, it can be very confusing for a user. This confusion always leads to a lack of sales.

Reason #4: Wrong Product 

This might sound a bit bizarre, but there are some websites that are unintentionally ranked for keywords in which the site is not directly related. For example, you may have a website that sells posters for movies. If you have a website that sells movie posters, you would expect that the majority of the users on your website are interested in looking for these type of products. What happens then, if a person comes to your site looking for a movie DVD?

It is important to know what is going on with your website in terms of search engine optimization. If you do not know to how to optimize your website, including on page and off page SEO tactics, it is time to learn how to do that.

Reason #5: No Marketing

The worst possible thing that you could do with your website is nothing. Many people believe that you can simply build a website and the users will flock to it. The fact of the matter is, that there are millions upon millions of websites just like yours. You have to actively engage in online marketing tactics and techniques in order to have your website seen.

Hiring a professional company to do this is a good investment. A website brings substantial financial gains to those who know how to utilize it properly.


By reading through these five simple tips on how to turn your website into a moneymaking business tool, you are now well armed to take your website to the next level. For some of these tips you may be interested in hiring a qualified professional. Web designers, SEO professionals and Internet marketers can all provide you with top-notch solutions to turning your website around.


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Facebook Page Timeline Changes

March 2, 2012

Facebook has launched the new Timeline for Pages. Watch this video from the mFC Facebook Marketing Conference to learn about the changes to the Facebook Pages for business Click here to view the video

Jeff Kanter, Product Manager, Facebook & Blaise Di Persia, Product Designer, Facebook present the new features released for Timeline for Pages.


Facebook Pages are designed to be Mission Control for your business on Facebook and have these following new features:

Timeline Cover

  • Use it to set the tone of your Page
  • Allows a visual status update
  • Change Cover image/message as often as you want

Applications Suite

  • Appears under Cover image
  • Facebook and custom apps appear here
  • Apps created prior to Timeline will continue to work

New Controls
The new Facebook Page controls allow you to curate your Page to show the best stories:

  • Allowed – allow stories from other Pages or your fans to appear on your Page Timeline
  • Starred – allows rich media (photos and videos) to appear at double width on Timeline
  • Back Date – allows you to back date posts to show your company history and milestones on your Timeline

Pinned Posts
Due to the Timeline feature, as you add status updates, these will push older posts further down the Page. However, relevancy is important and you can use the Pinned Post feature to keep current information top and center. Use this feature to keep a post of the week, question or new OFfer feature front and center so that your fans see it.

Highlights draw attention to certain information e.g. Friend Activity/Interaction with the Page

New Admin Panel
The new admin panel allows you to respond more quickly and in a personal way. It features:

    • Notifications of Page Likes, Comments, Tags and posts by fans to your Page.
    • New Likes – 500 most recent Likes shown
    • Messages from fans to Page – great for customer service!
    • Insights – who is talking about your Page and what is your reach


For help designing your Facebook Page for maximum impact CLICK HERE

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