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Spice Up Your Holiday Marketing!

Top Tips for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

It’s a known fact, adding video to your website increases conversion rates that lead to sales. But have you thought about what this can do for the holiday season?

There are so many ways your small business can benefit from a holiday marketing campaign that taps into the power of video. The internet has leveled the playing field so much that video can be very effective on a small budget. Keep in mind that targeting is the key to quality of views and spreading your holiday cheer.

Ways you can use video in your holiday marketing campaign

1. Create Video Seasonal Landing Pages to Showcase Your Products or Services

Highlight your small business holiday message with a clever video that grabs the attention of your viewers. Nothing says it better than video, not even text. Create a “best of” year for your products or services in a short video for a holiday landing page.

2. Use Video to Offer Special Seasonal Promotions or Sales Right from Your Website

Catch the attention of busy viewers with a special holiday offer. Create your holiday marketing video around your special offer and then add a call to action button to opt-in to the offer. Do your research to promote the best offer to attract buyers.

3. Add Video to Your Email Holiday Marketing Campaign

Rise above the crowd with an entertaining holiday video embedded in your email and watch your open rate increase.

4. Amplify Your Video Through Your Social Media Channels

Now that you’ve created your entertaining holiday video, it’s time to promote it on all your social media channels to grab lots of social shares and spread some holiday cheer. Holidays are for sharing and that’s where your holiday video comes in. This gives you an opportunity to share your video during a time when your viewers are most likely to share. Brand your holiday message with a video that reaches a broader audience than a traditional holiday card.

Your Takeaway Tip

Nothing says it better than video. Holidays are the best reason to produce and launch a holiday marketing campaign using video. Your audience will be more receptive to a holiday-themed video that makes them feel appreciated and valued. It’s an excellent opportunity to remind them of the best products and services you sell as well as promotions you may be offering for the holiday. Your holiday video will come across as a funny, touching and entertaining message that feels less salesy and safe to share.

This post was originally published on MaxitMedia.

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Facebook Page Timeline Changes

March 2, 2012

Facebook has launched the new Timeline for Pages. Watch this video from the mFC Facebook Marketing Conference to learn about the changes to the Facebook Pages for business Click here to view the video

Jeff Kanter, Product Manager, Facebook & Blaise Di Persia, Product Designer, Facebook present the new features released for Timeline for Pages.


Facebook Pages are designed to be Mission Control for your business on Facebook and have these following new features:

Timeline Cover

  • Use it to set the tone of your Page
  • Allows a visual status update
  • Change Cover image/message as often as you want

Applications Suite

  • Appears under Cover image
  • Facebook and custom apps appear here
  • Apps created prior to Timeline will continue to work

New Controls
The new Facebook Page controls allow you to curate your Page to show the best stories:

  • Allowed – allow stories from other Pages or your fans to appear on your Page Timeline
  • Starred – allows rich media (photos and videos) to appear at double width on Timeline
  • Back Date – allows you to back date posts to show your company history and milestones on your Timeline

Pinned Posts
Due to the Timeline feature, as you add status updates, these will push older posts further down the Page. However, relevancy is important and you can use the Pinned Post feature to keep current information top and center. Use this feature to keep a post of the week, question or new OFfer feature front and center so that your fans see it.

Highlights draw attention to certain information e.g. Friend Activity/Interaction with the Page

New Admin Panel
The new admin panel allows you to respond more quickly and in a personal way. It features:

    • Notifications of Page Likes, Comments, Tags and posts by fans to your Page.
    • New Likes – 500 most recent Likes shown
    • Messages from fans to Page – great for customer service!
    • Insights – who is talking about your Page and what is your reach


For help designing your Facebook Page for maximum impact CLICK HERE

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