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“How to Get on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.”

Show your expertise and get exposure for your business!
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When you’re cited on the major media networks, you are then able to use “As Seen On” and the logos of those networks on all of your marketing materials. This gives you added authority in your niche or field of expertise. Potential customers AND other media outlets will now view YOU as the authority to go to. Think about what that can add to your bottom line!


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“This is how I then went on to get featured on CNN, Wall Street Journal, TV, Radio, Magazines , become a Speaker for Tony Robbins and other conferences, and get a best selling book deal with Jack Canfield! All because I paid to play and got these media citations.”

– Greig Wells
Author, Speaker




Do you know how hard it is to get cited in the major media outlets?

It’s been almost impossible unless you are already an established big name or spend THOUSANDS of dollars… until now.

We can get you guaranteed placement of a quote from you using a special press release on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. We’ll have this done within 10 business days, as well as add the logos to your profile picture.

Once cited on these networks, you can use these logos on your website, social media profiles, business cards, newsletters… anywhere you market yourself or your business.

This is perfect for any business owner, authors, speakers, coaches, doctors, etc.
Being cited in the major media networks gives you more authority in the eyes of your potential customers and clients. This results in a better conversion ratio for you so you make more money.

You will also be viewed as an authority by other media sources, opening yourself up topotential interviews, tv appearances, etc.

Pay once for these major media citations, and you will benefit for life.

Media Authority Package $997



“Media authority is something every business and professional should have.
It helps you stand out from the crowd and differentiates yourself as an expert in your field”.

– Frank Kern
Internet Marketing Expert


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