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INFOGRAPHIC: Who Owns Your Website?

You’re a business owner and you’ve paid for a custom website to be designed just for you, (maybe even us!) so you’re probably under the impression you own it…think again!

The truth is, your website has many parts owned by many different people, so what you own is actually a very limited.

To help you understand what you own and what you don’t, the Red Website Design team have created this infographic.

The infographic explains the many parts that go into the setup and running of a website, including:

• Web server – You don’t own this.
• Web server platform – You don’t own this.
• Content Management System (CMS) – You don’t own this.
• Database software – You don’t own this.
• Source code – You don’t own this.
• HTML / CSS / Javascript – You should own this.
• Visual design – You should own this.
• Text content – You own this if you wrote it.
• Photography – You own this but only if you took the pictures.
• Browser – You don’t own this.
• Domain name – You don’t own this.

So the reality of “owning” a website is that you don’t actually own much of it, and never will. You rely on the use of a variety of platforms and services owned by other parties and simply rent or license what you need.

Stop paying for hosting…and your site goes down.

Forget to renew your domain name each year…and your site goes down.

Forget to update your WordPress software or plugins…and features of your site will stop working, or worse, you could open yourself to being hacked (Tip: Have a maintenance package in place with your website designer to keep your site up to date!)


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