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Facebook F8 Announcements

During the March 2015 F8, Facebook Developer Conference, in San Francisco, several important announcements were made, so let’s dive in:

Messenger Platform

Facebook Messenger

They recently added Payments to Messenger but now it will be a much richer, multi-media experience, incorporating new and creative ways to express yourself! Facebook developers have been given access to the platform and 40+ new apps will launch today that you can add right from within Messenger on your phone. Messenger integrates directly with the Facebook app store so you can download and use any of these apps, quickly and easily. From personalized GIFs like JibJab and Giphy, to Memes, special effects videos and audio you can share it all within a conversation! Each item you share then links back to the app you used, so your friends can download the same app and reply in a similar way.

Stay tuned for more Facebook updates here


Business Messenger

Facebook Messenger for Business

Facebook is taking the next step for businesses, especially in the retail industry! They have introduced “Messenger for Business”. Soon you will be able to interact with businesses via Messenger. During the checkout flow on a business’s site, a person can choose to start a conversation with a business, receive updates from that business on things like order confirmations and shipping status updates, and ask the business free-form questions about the order, receiving quick responses. This all happens in Facebook Messenger, instead of receiving multiple emails to your inbox. Much easier…


Embedding Facebook Videos

Facebook embedable video

There are lots of changes coming to video posting on Facebook – from restricting your audience to featured video and playlists on the Facebook page video tab, setting custom thumbnails and in depth video analytics, Facebook Video is going to be more like YouTube moving forward!

Facebook will also now let you embed publicly shared videos on external websites, just like YouTube does. It’s very simple to do – just copy the embed code from the video you want to share on your site and paste it into your website page. Save and done – the video appears! Now of course at some point, as was discussed at the conference, Facebook will most likely monetize this extra reach at some point by selling ads to be shown at the beginning of the video…

Spherical Video

Another REALLY cool concept is the introduction of Spherical Video which can now be posted to the Newsfeed. Check it out:


Spherical video allows the user to move the camera angle as the clip plays, which can give you a birds eye view and creates a really immersive experience, making you feel like you’re really there!


Real Time Comments Sync

Facebook comments are now updated to integrate the comments on your website and blog with the comments made when you share the link to that post on Facebook! This gives you a seamless, integrated experience so you just have to manage one conversation, instead of two.

Facebook Real Time Comments


Facebook Analytics for Apps

Facebook Analytics for Apps

If you have a Facebook app for your business, you will now have access to in-depth analytics that Facebook has about your app users. Find out who is using your app: What device are they using? What do they interact with? How old are they? Who is spending more money? This will help you adjust your app features and marketing to reach your ideal audience.

Stay tuned for more Facebook updates as they happen here

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Facebook Page Timeline Changes

March 2, 2012

Facebook has launched the new Timeline for Pages. Watch this video from the mFC Facebook Marketing Conference to learn about the changes to the Facebook Pages for business Click here to view the video

Jeff Kanter, Product Manager, Facebook & Blaise Di Persia, Product Designer, Facebook present the new features released for Timeline for Pages.


Facebook Pages are designed to be Mission Control for your business on Facebook and have these following new features:

Timeline Cover

  • Use it to set the tone of your Page
  • Allows a visual status update
  • Change Cover image/message as often as you want

Applications Suite

  • Appears under Cover image
  • Facebook and custom apps appear here
  • Apps created prior to Timeline will continue to work

New Controls
The new Facebook Page controls allow you to curate your Page to show the best stories:

  • Allowed – allow stories from other Pages or your fans to appear on your Page Timeline
  • Starred – allows rich media (photos and videos) to appear at double width on Timeline
  • Back Date – allows you to back date posts to show your company history and milestones on your Timeline

Pinned Posts
Due to the Timeline feature, as you add status updates, these will push older posts further down the Page. However, relevancy is important and you can use the Pinned Post feature to keep current information top and center. Use this feature to keep a post of the week, question or new OFfer feature front and center so that your fans see it.

Highlights draw attention to certain information e.g. Friend Activity/Interaction with the Page

New Admin Panel
The new admin panel allows you to respond more quickly and in a personal way. It features:

    • Notifications of Page Likes, Comments, Tags and posts by fans to your Page.
    • New Likes – 500 most recent Likes shown
    • Messages from fans to Page – great for customer service!
    • Insights – who is talking about your Page and what is your reach


For help designing your Facebook Page for maximum impact CLICK HERE

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