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Learn more about Pinterest in this

“Very Pinteresting” infographic!

Pinteresting Infographic

Pinteresting Infographic


Learn how to use #Pinterest to promote your business?

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Pinteresting facts:  Pinterest is currently still dominated by women, with female users accounting for 68% of all users on Pinterest.  Most of these are between the ages of 25 and 34 and 50% have kids.  This is the ideal social media platform to use if your target market demographic is within this range and gender!  However, don’t discard Pinterest if your target market is mainly men – they are quickly catching on and signing up in droves.

Drive Traffic with Pinterest

Pinterestingly enough, drives more traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google + and YouTube combined!  Many brands and companies are using Pinterest to connect with their customers and to share their culture, products and services.


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